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Eric Love is mesmerizing as Sam – and 40 other characters – 

in director Tara Lee Downs’s funny, fast-paced and nearly flawless production.”

- Seven Days

“Love creates such a distinct array of voices that you could follow the show with

your eyes closedHe fashions striking speech patterns that define personalities.

But Love never resorts to ludicrous caricatures." - Seven Days 

                                                  “The physical mannerisms, gestures and quirks

                                                  Love executes with aplomb also make the characters memorable." - Seven Days                                                                                                                  


"Love was rapidly changing characters, responding to others and keeping the audience enthralled." - Times Argus

“The audience greeted each new phone call with anticipation, and often with verbal reaction.” - The Herald

"Love's performance was virtuoso comedy - and a joy to share." - Times Argus

The audience was standing even before he came out to take his curtain call. It was payment Eric richly deserved for a performance all theater lovers should make sure to see.” - The Herald

“Eric Love gave a sensitive and nuanced, even powerful performance as Hamlet's true friend Horatio.” - Times Argus

“Some who stood out include Christopher Scheer as Rosencrantz and Eric Love as Guildenstern; . . . they came across as especially loveable as the comic relief and pals to Hamlet.” - The Bridge

"John Doyle's device of actors playing instruments is something that works wonderfully well here.” - Backstage

“Musical director Julianne Merrill's orchestra of six, [including Eric Love on cello] sounds terrific.” - Backstage

“As Puck, the wily creature of the night, Eric Love delivered an infectious impishness.” - Times Argus

[Onalea Gilbertson] is joined by three immensely skillful musicians: Josh Henderson on violin, Eric Love on cello, and Eric Richardson on guitar. They also play three men in Blanche's life, lending

a dramatic flair to the luscious music. The instrumental performances are so

immediate they never recede to the background." - nytheatre

24th Annual Gypsy of the Year

A Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS Fundraiser at the New Amsterdam Theatre

“[Ryan McCurdy and Eric Love] from Once picked up the guitar and cello to perform 'The Ballad of the Once PAs,' in which they told their sad tales of trying to get audience members to stop taking pictures, get off the stage — and stop trying to touch leading man Steve Kazee.” - Playbill

"The grand total, [$3,902,608] was announced Tuesday, December 4, at this year's GYPSY OF THE YEAR, which included songs, original skits and dances performed by more than 200 of New York's best singers, dancers and musicians." - Broadwayworld

GYPSY OF THE YEAR . . . featured outstanding and often show-stopping performances by the companies of Evita, Mary Poppins, Newsical The Musical, Once and Rock of Ages. - Broadwaysbestshows

“Simply put, we were convulsed with laughter for almost the entire 90 minutes at the sheer mad genius of what was happening up there on the stage.” - The Herald

“Our favorite on-stage character was Juliet. Ophelia was great, too; they both died in spectacular fashion.” - The Herald

Portraying most of the female characters, Eric Love renders romantic lines of Shakespearean poetry in a loopy falsetto. He delights in drawing attention to his, uh, girlish charms by skipping and sashaying in floaty gowns and flipping fright-wigged locks like a Valley Girl.” Seven Days

“Among his priceless moments: belly dancing as Cleopatra with a rubber snake.” - Seven Days

“In this evening of laughs, Love gets the play’s one serious moment: Hamlet’s “What a piece of work is man” soliloquy. The audience is caught off guard — prepared for something crazy to happen, only to be reminded of the immense beauty of Shakespeare’s language . . . Love gives the words quiet grace." - Seven Days

"Three insanely funny actors . . . " - Times Argus

"[The audience will] need hernia surgery from busting a gut laughing."

- The Herald

"All three are masterful in their roles, and suffer every slapstick pratfall in the book, but Eric Love steals the scenes he does in drag with over-the-top portrayals. His mother must be very proud." - The Herald


“The physicality of Eric Love and Brian Patrick Williams, as well as their physiques, gave eloquent testimony to the notion that acting is physical as well as mental.” - The Herald

Another Dude's Slingbacks

“In the unreal department, Eric Love is outstanding as the fairy godmother. Mr. Love totally commits himself to the part and makes the character live and breath his fabulousness.” - Queer New York

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