Gypsy of the Year - Singer/Cellist for ONCE

"The bar is now open, is all that we said, before you stood up." © Monica Simoes Photography

"And don't take a picture of the set or yourself. We're glad that you've come, now if you don't mind BREATH." © Monica Simoes for

Steve Kazee stopped by for a walk-on in the middle of the song. "Yes, that's Steve. He sings and acts at the same time." © Monica Simoes Photography

"Let go of his hand, you can't touch the actors." © Kevin Thomas Garcia for

"The show's gonna start. So grieve, you have to leave." © Tristan Fuge for

"Get off of the stage and STOP TAKING PICTURES!" © Monica Simoes Photography

"And as Steve sings ... 'Leava-e-i-o-u'!" © Jenny Anderson for

2,000 people clapping for you feels great. © Monica Simoes Photography