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Gigue - 3rd Bach Cello Suite

I played this excerpt in my callback for the Broadway Musical ONCE. 

Sarabande - 1st Bach Cello Suite

In my callback for CABARET on Broadway, I was asked for a lyrical piece on the cello so I broke out some Bach!

Miss West Coast in Pageant

My audition video for Miss West Coast in PAGEANT.

Leaving of Liverpool

One of my favorite songs in the pre-show of the Broadway musical ONCE is Leaving of Liverpool. So when I was asked to learn guitar for my ONCE National Tour final callback , I knew right away what I wanted to play. This is the first song I have ever played on the guitar. 


As a PA for ONCE, I saw their pre-show a lot. They use a lot of great instruments, including the accordion, harmonica and cahon. However, I felt they were missing one essential folk instrument . . .

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