The Ugly Duckling - The Ugly Duckling

"I hope it won't be much longer till my eggs hatch."

"One more to go. This one is very large."

"At last! Oh my . . ."

"Am I an ugly duck?"

"Hey kid, we're flying south for the winter." "I'm not that good at flying." "Neither is he."

"Why do you always say that? We and the world." "Because the two of us are half of the world, and everyone else makes up the other half!"

"Can you lay an egg?" "Can you arch your back and purr?"

"The winter got colder and colder, and the water in the little stream got colder and colder, until one night, it froze."

"The Ugly Duckling slept for a long time. One morning, he felt the warm sun shining and heard birds singing."

"That bird again!"

"You are the nicest, most graceful, most beautiful birds I have ever seen. What are you?" "We're swans. . ."

"I'm a SWAN!"