The Elephant Man - John Merrick

"The most striking feature about him was his enormous head."

"The back was horrible because from it hung, as far down as the middle of the thigh, huge sack-like masses of flesh . . ."

"Help me!"

"He is bathing to be rid of his odor."

MR. TREVES: Women are not quite real to him - more creatures of his imagination." MRS. KENDAL: Then he is already like other men, Mr. Treves.

"He is making sketches for a model of St. Phillip's church. He wants someday to make a model, you see."

"And I do it with just one hand, they all say."

MERRICK: I have condluded I need a mistress. MRS. KENDAL: The artist expresses his love through his works.

"To become more normal is to die?"

"It is done."

"I am really not certain of any of it."

Photos © Laura Shmania, Butterflites