PETER PAN or Wendy Lady - Peter Pan

"Don't you know what a kiss is?"

"Now shall I give you a thimble?"

"You just think lovely wonderful thoughts and they lift you up in the air."

"P is for Peter, and so are we all; May I ever keep young and my shadow stay small."

"It is awfully difficult to catch a mermaid. They are such cruel creatures, Wendy, that they try to pull boys and girls like you into the water and drown them."

"The Great White Father is glad to see the Piccaninny braves protecting his wigwam from the pirates."

A Tango with Wendy, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lilly and Peter.

"Can it be-yes-no-yes, it is the fair Wendy!"

"Peter, what are you to me?" "Your son, Wendy." "Oh, good-bye."

"I'm youth, I'm joy, I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg."

"The first night I wore the suit I sat a long time in the Hook's cabin with one hand clenched, all but for the forefinger."

"You don't feel you would like to say anything to my parents, Peter, about a very sweet subject?" "No, Wendy."

The memory of our first thimble.

Photos © Laura Shmania, Butterflites