The Mystery of Irma Vep - Lady Enid / Nicodemus

"I'm on an eternal diet. The stage you know."

"He's killed the wrong wolf."

"The killer was aroused. He turned on the child and sank his fangs into his tender neck."

"Be it whatever thing it may - I'll follow it!"

JANE: He thinks he's seen Victor. LADY ENID: The wolf or the boy? JANE: Both.

"The sarcoFAGus is intact!"

"Hay bebe!"

"Those lips. Silent for three thousand years now beg to be kissed. But do I dare?"

"A full moooooon!"

"'Tis the Last Rose of Summer."

NICODEMUS: I love you Janey, with all my heart. JANE: No you don't. It's just infatuation tinged with lust.

LADY ENID: To kiss you? LORD EDGAR: As if to kiss me - but she doesn't kiss. She sucks.

"I warn you to refrain from provoking me or I will ask your abduction as a special favor."

NICODEMUS: There, there, Lady Enid. 'Tis the wind and nothing more. LADY ENID: Oh Nicodemus, I was so frightened, so terribly, terribly frightened!


"Each man kills the thing he loves."

Photos © Bob Eddy, First Light Studios