Eurydice - Father

"Dear Eurydice, a letter for you on your wedding day."

"I write you letters. I don't know how to get them to you."

"Eurydice - I'm your father." "How funny! You remind me of something . . ."

"There is a letter. It's addressed to you."

"I never played piano after that. But I still know the first four chords . . ."

"We two alone will sing like birds in a cage. When thou dost ask my blessing, I'll kneel down And ask of thee forgiveness . . ."

"Do you want to go with him?" "Yes, of course! Oh - you'll be lonely, won't you?"

"You should love your family until the grapes grow dust on their purple faces."

"How does a person remember to forget? It's difficult."

"Put your feet in the river and swim."

"I've come back! Listen. I'll teach you words. Then we'll know each other again."

"It's too late. He can't hear you."

Photos © Laura Shmania, Butterflites