Beauty and the Beast - Father

"Once upon a time, in these very hills, there lived a merchant, his daughter, a beast . . ."

"And Beauty, what can I bring home for you?" "Father, please bring me a single red rose."

"The merchant set off to find his fortune. . ."

"Snow in the middle of spring!?"

"I don't believe it. Last night a blizzard, and now an orange tree growing ripe as if it's the middle of summer?"

"This is a magical castle. Surely someone will be home soon. I'll just wait . . ."

"A rose. At least I can take Beauty the one gift that she wanted."

"Who gave you permission to take a rose from my garden? You will have to pay with your life."

"I met up with a monster, a frightening beast. He asked me to make a terrible bargain. . ."

"I will go for you, the blame is on me. I asked for the rose that caused this misery."

"Good evening, old man. Good evening, Beauty."

And . . . they all lived happily ever after!